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CareerNet’s Hiring Pro system is the solution our clients have been asking us for. One unified system, a simple cost structure, fast results unique to your company.

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The Hiring Pro System. It’s better.

By listening, we learned the recruiting challenges faced by our enterprise clients and “Why” a better solution was needed.

"Piles of Unreliable Data"

That’s the general consensus from our enterprise clients. That’s why they come to CareerNet. So called “hiring solutions” and “recruiting sites” have become nothing more than massive pools of resume document files that offer the same “click-to-apply” functions for all jobs. The result? More HR work , ATS Costs, and really a lot more questionable data.

"Assessments don't work"

A long-winded, psychometric, 100 question assessment taken by 10,000,000+ test takers. You’d think that was statistically relevant right? Relevant to who? The world’s industries? The only assessment results that matter are those that match your company, your best, people. Think about it. Does it take the same set of talents to be a great marketing team member in London as it does in Naples? Do you want your assessment data results pooled with thousands of unrelated industries and locales?

"There is no Intelligence in HR AI"

Paying large sums for massive data engines but not seeing better results? We’ve been there too. Now we are told AI Bots and AI Engines are the future. The future of what exactly? Simple automations with effective solution sets beat the pants off AI. Especially when all AI is REALLY doing is learning how to analyze questionable data.

"More applicants means more useless interviews"

Sure, we can rely on interviews as the second step in the interview process. All it will cost is time and reduced productivity. The average first interview is 45 minutes plus 30 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of set up. (That’s over 90 minutes). Multiply that by 10 interviews That’s 2 days of work lost per employee handling the interviews. Put the applicant through 3 interviews, that’s 6 lost days. It’s no wonder hiring professionals hire the “best available”.

The Hiring Pro System

CareerNet’s Hiring Pro System takes the best of everything we’ve learned and tested about hiring during the last 20 years and makes it available, easy to use, and economic for businesses and enterprises of any size or location.

Pre-Qualify Applicants from the Start

We collaborate with you to create job descriptions to match your hiring profile. Together we create pre-qualification questions to ensure you see the top applicants. Job Listings on the CareerNet Site are then shared across our job portal network.

A Shortlist your Hiring Team can Count On

We’ve built the right listing, now be amazed with the results! Our clients see more, real qualified applicants by design. It’s not luck. It’s preparation and experience that gets you there.

Assess & Certify Applicants the Right Way

First, Assess your best. Then hire for those attributes. Assessments and skills tests administered remotely. All within CareerNet Hiring Pro. Top rated skills and assessments. Remote proctoring available, too.

Interview Confidently with Customized Questions

The CareerNet Hiring Pro creates unique interview questions. These questions are designed to query applicant answers that fall outside your best employee benchmarks. Tough questions need good answers. High quality interviewing is important. CareerNet Hiring Pro is The Solution.

Hiring takes the intelligence earned through experience.

Leverage yours and ours.

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