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Assessments for fitSkills Assessments

Assess & Certify

Hiring Rule #1

Don’t Guess. Don’t Hope. Know.

Assessments, Included

Not just any assessments. Assesments that work. We benchmark them against your best employees, not against tens of thousands of unrelated people from unrelated industries. There is an added bonus to using assesments ahead of interviews…assessments greatly reduce hiring bias.

Skills Certification, Included

CareerNet trains and educates company governments and their citizens and global enterprises in many languages. Skills certification has long been a part of our core solution set. Most popular for hiring are skills tests for MS Office, business writing and communication, computer literacy, sales and customer service.

Hiring Decisions are Enterprise Decisions

Use the Hiring Pro system. Hire the right way.

Assessments that Work.

It’s not magic. It’s not AI. It’s science and logic.

People that Fit

Perfect for companies who are overwhelmed with applications or who need to fill a large number of roles. Based on our experience, you’ll hire most of the candidates matching your key employee characteristics.

Benchmark Your Best

We benchmark your best. Then modify the assesments to reflect those attributes. Assessed applicants are immediately ranked and sorted by how they compare to your company’s unique benchmark.  

Easy to Know

See the personality traits that matter through 48 questions. Is this an independent person, or a team player? Are they likely to be outgoing, or more reserved? You can discover a lot about someone in just a few, quality minutes.

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