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We have solutions and pricing other’s don’t. It’s that simple.

Costs of Recruiting before Hiring Pro

Hiring is costly, Even when using so called “Free Job boards”. Click below to see how much your hiring really costs.

Timely Services  – One System

Finding people is easy. Really.

Just fill in one of our deceptively simple job description forms – start here!  It’s available for access on smartphone too. CareerNet does the rest. We know how and where to find real people to fill your job openings. We’ve been at it for decades.

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Assess within a Secure System

Interview your way if you like. Or use our in system assessment tools included in many of our service offerings, Grow to Enterprise, to be sure your short list applicants are a good fit. 

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Short Lists by Pros.

Once we have received your job listing and key skills requirments,  our pros go to work curating the form and language to attract better applicants.  We’ll be in touch with questions or, to tell you results. Short lists of highly qualified applicants begin arriving, usually in 2 days.

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Interview and Hire

Clients using the Hiring Pro System have reported success in as little as 48 hours, from session 1 to hire. It’s that powerful.  Our system relies on collaboration between our pros and yours. We only use tech to speed the process.

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People first, Data second